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How to ask my money from PTCBox [tutorial]

Hi guys!

I will give you all the steps that you need to follow in order to ask for your payout in PTCBox.

1º  First of all you must go to "earnings" and then, in "Current Balance", you click "Click Here to Redeem!"

2º If you didn't already confirm your paypal/payza email do it now in "Account Submission/Changing Form".
   Afterwards, click "Redeem" on Paypal or Alertpay.

3º This step is a confirmation step. You must check all data and then click "if everything is correct, click on this button to continue"

4º This is the last step of this tutorial. Check again your data and click "Make Payment".
Wait 30 seconds and you will see a message "Successfully sent $1.01 to your account. Please close this page for your security"

And it is all! If you have any doubts tell me.

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